Being in love with a married woman – What’s the problem?

Our matrimony is a sacred matter in our life. It represents our decision to join with another person to make it part of our family and life and form a family with them. Even though some ideas about marriage have changed in modern times, this is their essence and should not change.

Love with a married woman
Love with a married woman

It indicates the serious problem that could mean being in love with a married person. A married woman has already committed her life not only to her husband and children, but to the entire family that opened the doors. From the same day she accepted marriage in the midst of multiple rituals, she made it very clear to where he wanted to direct his life.

When does an arranged marriage become a forced marriage?


Forced marriage
Forced marriage Vs Arranged marriage

So many people tend to think that arranged marriage is the same as forced marriage but that is not the case. Arranged marriage should never be confused with forced marriage. In an arranged marriage, the bride and the groom might not know each other but they willingly accept to be united with the other party to be a couple. In an arranged marriage, both parties come together and are associated with the final say of the marriage matter. Therefore, although the partners are chosen by the family or parents, they do not make it a must for it to happen.

What you need to know before buying an Engagement Ring for Her?

The most critical aspect of courtship is finding a partner. When you have succeeded in getting the partner of your choice; the next step is getting a wedding ring that will impress your bride. There are some steps to be taken before you go online in search of that wedding ring that will make your beau say l do to your proposal of Matrimony. We shall consider some of the basic steps that you have to take to ensure that things work out in a perfect order.

Indian Wedding Customs And Traditions

Indian Wedding Traditions
Indian Wedding Traditions


Every country all over the world has its customs and beliefs which they jealously hold on to over some ages past. When it comes to the issue of a wedding in India; we shall be taking a look at the expectations for the day; a practice that is held all over India. The custom of weddings in India is a beauty to behold.

Things you need to know for a long and happy marriage

When we want to define success in a marriage; it goes beyond just finding the right partner in marriage. Yes, getting the right partner is a huge leap in the right direction; but it is not enough in itself to guarantee lasting success in marriage. You have your part to play as well; what guarantees lasting success is in your being the right mate.

Chaitanya and Samatha Make A Happy Couple
Chaitanya and Samatha Make A Happy Couple

Discipline mixed with faithfulness is required to make things work in marriage. There are many marriage vows that have been broken today. But when the flame of love was still very hot; none of the parties ever dreamt of putting an end to the vows of marriage. We shall touch on some of the ingredients that you will need to ensure a successful marriage.

Trending Hindu Bridal Fashion

The activities that mark a typical wedding ceremony in India is a beauty to behold any time. A lot is involved in the preparations towards this great day that will linger in the memory of the people for a long time to come.Indian Celebrity Brides

Indian Celebrity Brides

Fashion is changing with new and great innovations being introduced into the concept of bridal fashion in the Hindu traditional wedding wears. There are several service providers in the notch; the credible ones among them have in their mission statement, their desire to bring the best of fashion to the couple on their special day.

What does a wedding dress cost in India?

The wedding gown is an important part of a wedding anywhere in the world; India inclusive. A lot of time is spent searching for that perfect costume that will make the bride and groom look extremely gorgeous on their special day. How much will it cost to get a wedding dress in India? The objective of any couple is to get a dress that will make them look extremely splendid on their special day and you can get all that you will need from top matrimonial sites in India.

Reasons Why You Need to Register at

Finally, you’ve gotten the urge to step to the next level in your life, you have considered your age and your daily retinues and you have discovered that you need a partner. You are also in need of help on how you will go about it.

Indian Cricketers Marriage with Bollywood Stars
Indian Cricketers Marriage with Bollywood Stars

Do not worry, as we have got something special for you.  But what do we have for you? It is one of the top matrimonial sites you have to register with in order to get the help you need to meet that special someone that your heart desires. Your finding the best match for you is the best thing for you as this will determine the future for you both. And how do you get the best match you have been dreaming of? You just get to and you’ve gotten to the right place.

Why Second Marriage is a Good Idea?

The rate of divorce cases all over the world is high. The stats go to show that 45% of the first timers in marriages have their union hitting the rocks after some few years. The stats also reveal that 31% of second marriages only had issues. Placing the stats side by side each other, it can be seen that the poll favors second marriages. We shall be looking at some reasons why this is so.

Simple Tips for Creating an Awesome Matrimonial Profile

It can be a challenging task to create an attractive profile on matrimonial websites, especially when you know that your aim is to find a life partner. Since it is a big deal, you want to get everything right because you want to end up with the perfect partner. The problem is that it is not always easy to put everything about yourself in words. What should you mention and what should you avoid? Sometimes, it can be difficult to make a decision. The key to remember is that you should keep things crisp and short and only focus on things needed by a matrimonial profile for getting attention.