Simple Tips for Creating an Awesome Matrimonial Profile

It can be a challenging task to create an attractive profile on matrimonial websites, especially when you know that your aim is to find a life partner. Since it is a big deal, you want to get everything right because you want to end up with the perfect partner. The problem is that it is not always easy to put everything about yourself in words. What should you mention and what should you avoid? Sometimes, it can be difficult to make a decision. The key to remember is that you should keep things crisp and short and only focus on things needed by a matrimonial profile for getting attention.

How To Write A Winning Matrimonial Bio-Data Profile?

Today’s world makes it difficult for some people to physically meet someone to spend the rest of their lives with. This could be as a result of challenges posed by tight work and school schedules, distant residences, outright shyness, etc.
This problem is however being solved by a host of sites which provide opportunities for online matrimony. Registering with any of these online marriage sites provides an avenue for meeting other members with similar matrimonial needs. The basic catch however is that because it is an online platform where people interact without meeting in real life, everything is dependent on how you create your profile, your profile picture, etc.

Very Simple Tips To Find Your Perfect Life Partner Without Much Hassle

Surya Jyothika Marriage Photo
Surya Jyothika Marriage Photo

Online dating and matrimonial sites have provided people with a world of choices for those who are looking for their better half. Distance is no longer a hindrance in your search of a life partner, as long as you have the right intentions. However, the biggest issue is that the online world has its own share of problems that can definitely have an impact on your experience. You don’t want to be fooled or taken advantage on these sites, but how can you make that happen? Here are some simple tips that can be of use to you in this situation:

How Are Gujarati Wedding Rituals Celebrated?

In the study of Indian matrimony, the wedding rituals of the Gujaratis cannot be overlooked. Their wedding rituals for instance are filled with colorful decor, dance, and dazzling merriment.

Gujarati Wedding
Gujarati Wedding

Stages of Gujarati Wedding Rituals

These rituals involved in Gujarati matrimony basically grouped into three stages – the pre-wedding rituals, the actual wedding rituals, and the post-wedding rituals.

The pre-wedding rituals include:

Sagai – This is the engagement ceremony where the two proposing families come together to make promises of a cordial relationship. The bride visits the groom’s family with a matli which is a container filled with sweets and other gifts.

Importance of Marital Sites in Finding the Soulmate Online

Indian Celebrity Married Couple
Indian Celebrity Married Couple

Previously, most of the marriages were arranged by family elders, but the scenario seems to be different in present time. Today’s generation wants to make their decisions themselves with no influence of others. Choosing a life partner, however, is still tough for them and they aren’t ready for marrying the one who is completely stranger for them.

Marriage is an important and memorable occasion of lifetime for every human. To make these moments memorable, you need lots of planning and proper arrangement. And the wedding planning starts with the hunt for a perfect soul mate. Since it’s the matter of your whole life, it is very important to choose the right person.

Wedding Preparations For Your Second Marriage

Pavan Kalyan And Renu Desai
Pavan Kalyan And Renu Desai

Getting married for the second time? Be happy. You should be able to enjoy this day than your first wedding because now you know what you did wrong that you would want to do right this time. However don’t let the need to do things right make you not enjoy the day.

Here are some basic tips you can follow to help you go through that day with ease.

Ideas, Tips and Etiquette for a Second Marriage

Bride & Groom With a Child Before Marriage
Bride & Groom With a Child From First Marriage

Marriage doesn’t always work and when it doesn’t don’t beat yourself or get into a pity party. There are many reasons why a marriage may not work. Whatever the cause of it not working, it is possible that you move on and start a new life

This article aims to look at ways you can start a new life after a marriage break up.

How Do I Know If A Groom Is Compatible Before Marriage?

Indian Grooms
Indian Grooms

A common saying among married women is, “looks are deceptive”. This saying always starts after a marriage terribly fails or after a woman finds out that there is a big difference between the person she was dating and the person she got married to.

Some women end up saying they always have bad luck. Bad luck does not exist in marriage, it is the decisions we make that advice the outcomes we get.

In this era where people meet on match finder, it is important for the woman to ensure that she is compatible to the groom.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals

Gujarati Wedding
Gujarati Wedding

The Gujarati weddings are known for their great culture and delicious vegetarian dishes. There are hardly any dull moments in a Gujarat wedding. These weddings are full of dance and song in both the pre and post wedding celebrations. There is nothing nice as meeting someone on a matrimony website and it culminating into a wedding.


It is always advisable that when you meet someone in a matrimony website like you get to know about his or her background so that you would know the king of ceremonies to expect in case you are compatible.

10 Must Know Tips For Brides On a Wedding Day

Indian Brides
Indian Brides

The bells have finally rung, he has asked the big question and you have said yes and that day you are really grateful for the sign up you made on match finder matrimony. The days or months that follow before the wedding, you are a total wreck. Floating between the worries and the wonders.

Relax don’t let anxiety ruin your day. The below tips are aimed to help you go through your wedding day: