How to thank guests attending your marriage?

How many times have you said thank you to your friends and relatives when they come for your ceremony or some function? Finally, it is time to apply the basic rules of politeness that you learnt from your childhood! Your guests were kind enough to accept your invitation and some have had the kindness to offer you a wedding gift. It’s minimum expected from you to convey gratitude and thank them.


Punjabi Marriage Rituals

Punjabi people are quite famous for their amazing taste of food, big hearts and fun. All the three could be well seen at large in the Big Fat Punjabi wedding. Punjabi marriages are one of the famous marriages across the country. The weddings act as a foray and platform for loud music, parties and drinks with delicious foods. Each guest at the Punjabi weddings clad themselves with heavy ornamented jewellery, Colorful Punjabi turbans, rich designer suits etc.


Kannada marriage traditions

Simplicity and tradition are the two blends of flavours at any marriage in the Kannada tradition wherein you can be a spectator of a lot of beautiful Hindu rituals and customs at one go. As soon as the parents find Kannada Brides and groom the customary things starts following at both the households in the most simple manner as they believe that purity is in doing things in the simplified way. There are not so much vibrancy and colors in the Kannada marriages yet one can find the esteemed grace of Gods during the marriage procession. These marriages are symbolic and are a reflection of Karnataka in its most supreme form.

How to prepare for your wedding?

Getting married is the most exquisite and auspicious juncture in any individual’s life. Especially in India which is a traditional country, everyone considers marriage as a bond between the two souls. Each individual thinks that their marriage should be impeccable and crystal clear without any imperfections. Both the bride as well as the bridegroom have their own dreams of celebrating their wedding. While most of the basic things are taken care by parents and relatives from both the sides, there will be few things where both the girl and boy would like to have during their wedding. Here are few tips and suggestions which would definitely make your dream come true.

Indian Marriages are Replete With Ancient Traditions

Indians deeply believe in religious rituals and practices. Hindu marriages in India follow numerous rites and ceremonies as well as customs. These age old practices are a symbol of the tradition and rich cultural legacy of the Indian society. Weddings are an important occasion in an Indian society and they are viewed with the utmost sanctity. Once a couple is married, according to Hindu beliefs, they are tired for the next 7 birth cycles to each other.