Tips and advice for a happy and lasting marriage- Part 2

5. Be loyal to acceptance

In a marriage, conflict is normal and even healthy. This is the way of life after marriage.In a study conducted in Delhi, 70% of longtime couples who were satisfied with their relationship felt that joint problem solving was a key factor; only 33% of dissatisfied couples mastered this approach. With the right attitude and the right tools, conflicts can be resolved most of the times if you have that willingness in you.


Tips and advice for a happy & lasting marriage- Part 1

Every marriage has its problems, which can arise at any time. The important thing is to learn to deal gently and before they destroy the relationship. Here are the best tips and advice for a happy and lasting marriage.

1. Find the balance in love

Boredom, frustration and daily irritations can extinguish the flame between you and your partner. You can get out of the boredom if you focus on the positives of your relationship. Here’s how:


7 ways of improving relationship today

Who doesn’t like a loving relationship? Perhaps you married the man or woman of your life, but the spark needs to be lightened. Do not panic! Even the most romantic couples including the most perfect of the universe experience turbulence zones. What your relationship needs is just a little push. And who else can be a better person other than you? Many people mistakenly think that a couple should work together to improve a relationship. But even if one person changes the dynamics of the relationship will change. Keeping this in mind, here are seven things you can do to improve your relationship today.



Should you stop loving after marriage?

 Maintaining love is a work to be done every day and if you have not been doing this for a while, you have to catch up through specific actions. This does not mean you have to kneel and bend to the will of the person we love. After getting married, usually the couple in relationship no longer pays attention to the other and there is a kind of fatigue that sets in. This particular article talks about removing that kind of fatigue from your life.


How is your life post marriage?

Like physical health, the couple relationship can be assessed in a broad spectrum, ranging from the idyllic marriage to the abusive relationship. Couple relationships are complex and multifaceted, some more positive than others. 

Rate the quality of your relationship by answering “yes” or “no” to the following questions.


In your relationship:

- Do you feel free to express yourself?

- Do you feel that your spouse is listening to you?

- Do you feel depressed and encouraged in your projects?

- Do you respect yourself and admire your spouse?

What’s the time to best propose?

Life is a wonderful array of happiness and sadness where two people unites together to live up their life happily and contented. This remixes of happiness, love, sharing and caring goes a long way when two unknown people meet at matrimonial sites.


Beyond expression- when two souls meet for the first time there is hesitation about the each other and eventually when they come to know each other they share ample experiences which help them built that long lasting relationship. This untold feeling is beyond expression. No words yet defined to express true feelings of the person searching for his/her soul mate.

How To Remain Happy After Divorce?

Marriage. For some it is a necessity, some do it for their parents, and some plainly run away from it. But divorces.. If a bad phase starts haunting the married life that cannot be tackled or taken care of, it is better to get divorced because there is no point in dragging a wagon beyond the end of a road.

But you also need to understand that life does not ends here. There are various things you can do to make yourself happy post divorce.

How to prepare for your first date?

First dates can be interesting, amazing and at the same time nerve wrecking.  After all it is one important aspect of togetherness, one vital step to know your potential life partner before tying the knot. It is different from college day dating or a random collision.


There is nothing to be scared about a first date. It can be lots of fun! If your first meeting has been set up and you are nervous and undecided about where to go, or what to talk about and there is confusion about things you should do and don’t- then this article will help you to carry it out with grace.

5 Things Men Should Know About Women

Men and women are totally opposite in terms of their choices about many things in life. They have different taste in food, art, music, colors, sports, cinema and life. But as the famous saying goes opposite does attract.



No matter how conflicting the relation between a man and woman can get, still they would tear the world apart to be with each other. No force in this world can keep a man from meeting another woman. The irony that lies here is that whenever a survey is being done on similar aspects between men and women hardly any similarity comes out as the result. Mostly such survey finds out about differences of opinion, taste and interests. Here are few pointers that make men afraid of their opposite counterparts:-

Is live-in relationship acceptable or unacceptable?

The world is changing and so is India. A society that was absolutely closed to innovations and relationships is taking its own course. Many young couples especially in big cities are trying out a new form of relationships. Live-in relationship is an emerging trend with most of the youngsters in India, especially in metros. In the current generation most of the couples choose not to marry. However, they desire to have a long term relationship without any legal agreements. So they end up staying together like a married couple without entering into the world of wedding. This convenient arrangement is called as “Live-in relationship”. While Kerala brides and grooms and other community youngsters choosing their partners through marriage portals, there are also few portals for live-in relationships.