Trending Hindu Bridal Fashion

The activities that mark a typical wedding ceremony in India is a beauty to behold any time. A lot is involved in the preparations towards this great day that will linger in the memory of the people for a long time to come.Indian Celebrity Brides

Indian Celebrity Brides

Fashion is changing with new and great innovations being introduced into the concept of bridal fashion in the Hindu traditional wedding wears. There are several service providers in the notch; the credible ones among them have in their mission statement, their desire to bring the best of fashion to the couple on their special day.

How Are Bengali Wedding Rituals Celebrated?

In the study of Indian matrimony, the rituals associated with Bengali matrimony must be mentioned.

Bengali Wedding Rituals
Bengali Wedding Rituals

The Pre-wedding Rituals

  • Pati Potro

    – This is the first ceremony which involves the coming together of the elders of both families.

  • Aiburobhat

    – A massive celebration is held with dishes of rice, fish, and vegetables. This is the last meal that the bride takes as a spinster and the groom as a bachelor.

  • Sankha Porano

    This ritual involves the wearing of the traditional symbols of the Bengals for good marriage which is called the Sankha – a bangle made from the shells of Conch, and the one made from red Corals called Pola It happens on the evening preceding the wedding.