What does a wedding dress cost in India?

The wedding gown is an important part of a wedding anywhere in the world; India inclusive. A lot of time is spent searching for that perfect costume that will make the bride and groom look extremely gorgeous on their special day. How much will it cost to get a wedding dress in India? The objective of any couple is to get a dress that will make them look extremely splendid on their special day and you can get all that you will need from top matrimonial sites in India.

How Are Gujarati Wedding Rituals Celebrated?

In the study of Indian matrimony, the wedding rituals of the Gujaratis cannot be overlooked. Their wedding rituals for instance are filled with colorful decor, dance, and dazzling merriment.

Gujarati Wedding
Gujarati Wedding

Stages of Gujarati Wedding Rituals

These rituals involved in Gujarati matrimony basically grouped into three stages – the pre-wedding rituals, the actual wedding rituals, and the post-wedding rituals.

The pre-wedding rituals include:

Sagai – This is the engagement ceremony where the two proposing families come together to make promises of a cordial relationship. The bride visits the groom’s family with a matli which is a container filled with sweets and other gifts.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals

Gujarati Wedding
Gujarati Wedding

The Gujarati weddings are known for their great culture and delicious vegetarian dishes. There are hardly any dull moments in a Gujarat wedding. These weddings are full of dance and song in both the pre and post wedding celebrations. There is nothing nice as meeting someone on a matrimony website and it culminating into a wedding.


It is always advisable that when you meet someone in a matrimony website like matchfinder.in you get to know about his or her background so that you would know the king of ceremonies to expect in case you are compatible.

How To Plan Your Own Wedding?

Indian Bride and Groom
Indian Bride and Groom

Planning your own wedding can be fraught with problems and headaches. If you’re not careful, the stress and strain of all work can even regulate the glare of the big day itself. But if you have decided to do it yourself, then it could be fun and exciting to perform all the arrangements yourself. Here are are going to share ten most important tips to help you plan your own wedding matrimony with all ease:

5 Benefits of Matrimonial Sites

5 Benefits Of Matrimonial Sites
5 Benefits Of Matrimonial Sites – Infographic



Recent studies show that 47% of the customers opting for registration prefer going online in search of a life partner, because there they find more choices as compared to traditional offline methods. Majority of customers option for registration at matrimonial websites  are between 18 and 35 years of age. Here’s a compilation of the benefits of using matrimonial sites.

1. Widespread search

You can cater to the various communities and castes of India

2. Easy Accessibility

Easy and transparent access to all the registered profiles of 0.

What Do Men Think of Getting Married?

What Do Men Think Of Getting Married?
What Do Men Think Of Getting Married?

What do men think of getting married? Here at the MatchFinder.in, we are all wedding freaks, but it is also true that about 95% of our team consists of women, so unfortunately we can not come up with an answer to this question. Nevertheless, every woman has already wondered: what do men think of marrying? Curious about what men thinks of getting married? Quickly scroll through!