Anbupriyal Vaniya Chettiar Community Matchmaking

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History of Anbupriyal Vaniya Chettiar community:

Vaniya Chettiar is an oil-pressing caste found in Tamil Nadu state. In olden days oxen were used to press oil from seeds and Vaniya Chettiar people were engaged in this profession. Vaniya Chettiar is a sub-caste of bigger Chettiar community.  Chettiyars are a business community found in South Indian states. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states, Vaniya Chettiyars are also called by names Gandla Telikula and Ganiga. They are simply called as Teli in North India. Vaniyambadi, a town near Vellore is said to be the origin of Vaniya Chettiar people.

Anbupriyal Goddess:

Anbupriyal is the deity of Vaniya Chettiyar community. Vaniya Chettiar people worship Anbupriyal ammavaru. Anbupriyal Vaniya Chettiar community people are found in large numbers in Coimbatore, Erode and Vellore districts.


Anbupriyal matrimony:

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