How To Plan A Multicultural Wedding?

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Multi Cultural Wedding
Multi Cultural Wedding

Multicultural weddings: they are very common. Often there are all kinds of traditions. Because it is possible to combine two cultures with each other at a wedding, we asked wedding planners who have experience with multicultural weddings for advice. Read their tips!

Traditions at a multicultural wedding

If you finally found your love on MatchFinder.In¬†matrimony and started planning for your multicultural wedding, you have to decide which traditions you want to honor. “Think of traditions based on religion, ethnic origin or place of residence, but also typical ‘family treaties’ such as music or (favorite) food.” Before you make a final choice about which traditions should or should not come back to your wedding, it is important that both families can give their opinion on this subject.

Involve your parents in planning

Your parents will love it if they are involved, so give them that opportunity. But keep in mind that it is your big day. Do not let everything be imposed by your parents, but make it clear that you will try to meet their wishes.

Tip: Make it easy for them. For example, let your and her parents write down three traditions that they consider most important. Have you made a choice? Explain it to the family. “Discuss your decision with your parents so that they are not a complete surprise on the day itself and then spoil the mood.”

Balance between cultures

The starting point for every wedding planner is to merge tradition, culture and family. “That’s why we do not recommend to stop at color and decor when it comes to planning, but you should go deep in. Your job should be to form a red thread for the wedding matrimony and fill it in with details and ideas.” The key is to find a nice balance between both cultures about the same amount. ”

The multicultural wedding ceremony

Find a wedding venue or place of worship where you can make a combination and consult with the clergyman who will lead you multicultural marriage matrimony ceremony. The length of a ceremony  varies greatly by culture, but feel free to interweave a song, reading or prayer from the clergyman.

Involve your guests at the ceremony

There will also be guests at the wedding who do not know your culture very well. Involve your guests at the ceremony. Anouk of In Style Styling gives the tip to explain the traditions in a program booklet. “For example, it was clear to the non-Indian guests during an Indian wedding ceremony that I accompanied why the bride and groom, walked around the fire 7 times, symbolizing – overall – their eternal friendship and shared journey through life.”

Make the ceremony (also) personal

Honoring your culture is important, but also a personal wedding ceremony . That will make your wedding even more beautiful! So turn your favorite music, give your own twist to the decoration or loyalty in an unexpected location. By discussing your expectations and wishes in advance and making a clear script for the wedding matrimony, you ensure that the traditions do not dominate your wedding. Anouk: “That way you can ensure in advance that there is also enough time for personal details.”

Will your wedding be multicultural? Let us know how you handle the planning!