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About Vaniya Chettiar Community:

“Vaniya Chettiar” is a community found in South Indian states Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The people of this community were engaged in oil pressing and selling food grains in olden days. “Vaniyambadi” is the ancestral city of this community. Significant Vaniya Chettiar population is found in districts such as Coimbatore, Erode, Vellore in Tamil Nadu.  Though not in a great number, a small section of this community can be seen in Kottayam, Idukki  and Ernakulam districts of Kerala.

Vaniya Chettiar Marriages:

Vaniya Chettiar community prefers marriage in the same community or sometimes with in Vysya subcastes. Chettiar is a business community primarily found in Tamil Nadu state. The community falls into Vysya Varna, which is one of the four varnas as per Indian scriptures. So Vaniya Chettiar community people prefer to find a bride or groom with in any of the sub castes of larger Chettiar community.


Vaniya Chettiar Grooms:

Matchfinder has the largest database of Vaniya Chettiar grooms on its portal. There are doctor grooms, NRI grooms, engineer grooms and grooms from several other occupations on Matchfinder Vaniya Chettiar matrimony.

Vaniya Chettiar Groom In a Marriage Attire
Tamil Groom In a Marriage Attire

If you are tired of searching for grooms in your community for your children, submit their biodata today on Matchfinder. Registration process is quite simple. Once you narrow in your search on a specific Vaniya Chettiar groom profile, just contact the profile directly without the intervention of any marriage brokers.  We just charge you Rs.100 to contact grooms and nothing more.


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